Agile Application Security

Enabling Security in a Continuous Delivery Pipeline 

by Laura Bell (Author), Michael Brunton-Spall (Author), Rich Smith (Author), Jim Bird (Author)

Agile is the most adopted software development methodology among organizations worldwide, but it generally hasn’t integrated well with traditional security management techniques. And most security professionals aren’t up to speed in their understanding and experience of agile development. To help bridge the divide between these two worlds, this practical guide introduces several security tools and techniques adapted specifically to integrate with agile development.

Written by security experts and agile veterans, this book introduces security principles to agile practitioners and agile principles to security practitioners. The authors also reveal problems they encountered in their own experiences with agile security and how they worked to solve them.

Security for Everyone

Low-Cost Approaches for Growing Businesses to Secure What Matters Most

by Laura Bell (Author) and Erica Anderson (Author)

Securing your business can be daunting, especially when you’re small. Security for Everyone offers low-cost, scalable solutions to securing your startup or growing business. It will test your personal security assumptions and practices, setting you up to lead security for an ever-growing team. You’ll learn frameworks for understanding security at different stages of your business and be guided on a practical journey from a secure individual to security leader.

Security for Everyone focuses on practical, flexible, step-by-step, affordable approaches that can scale to suit your situation and needs in language non-technical folks can understand.

Whitepapers and Research

New Zealand Information Security Workforce Development Strategy

November 2012

Developed as part of in2securITy, this strategy outlines a 10-step plan for developing a sustainable information security workforce for New Zealand.

Blindsided By Security

August 2012

Lateral Security and The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind examine the guidance and security best practice commonly in use for web applications today and how effective they are for those with visual impairments. In addition, a series of improvements and solutions are outlined.

Available in both PDF and screen-reader-friendly Microsoft Word format.

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