CEOGBU #1 20 Sept 2022

A week ago, we launched our free plan and committed to the SafeStack mission of making cyber security truly inclusive and available for all organisations, everywhere.

I am thrilled that in our first week, we reached 73 organisations in 18 countries – welcoming 387 learners onboard who, in turn, completed over 200 courses and certificates between them.

To all those who have shared our message with their networks, thank you. Your support and voices raised alongside ours make a huge difference in what we can achieve.

Building a global mission-driven organisation, however, isn’t easy and isn’t something I have ever done before.

In the spirit of sharing and going on this journey together, I will be sharing a video every week, with my CEO, GBU.

A GBU reflects the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of my experiences as CEO of SafeStack. I will share what we are up to, what’s going well, what’s not gone so well and what’s on my mind.

Building in public isn’t for everyone, and I will learn much along the way.

I hope you’ll join me and share the ride.

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