Mind the drop (6 days)

Things are really busy at SafeStack right now.

The BIG THING launches on Sunday and there are a lot of things to get done for the big day.

The funny thing about launches however is the weird thing they do to your adrenaline levels.

The Push

The ramp up to a release is a fun time. It’s high energy and there is a lot to do. This is the time you rely on collaboration and prioritisation. You sit, much like Dr Strange from the Avengers movies, plotting all the things that need to happen, that could happen and shouldn’t happen and you plot a course through them all.

You try not to get excited but the excitement is natural and the adrenaline that comes with that is palpable.

The Jump

Then the big day comes. You press your big red button and you let the new thing fly.

You probably do some words and announcements. Maybe you have a small party or celebrate in someway.
You did it! The dopamine rush is noticeable and you feel fantastic.

The Drop

Until you drop. The dopamine fades and without the BIG THING launch to drive you, you can end up on a state known as drop. Despondent, lost and depressed, it can be hard to focus.

The Drop is a dangerous place. This is where you feel disillusioned, this is where you feel premature failure.

The Turn

The reality is, its not the Push or the Jump that matters. They are the foundation step. The open the door to the possibility of meeting your goals.

The BIG THING and it’s announcements are not the achievement, they are what will enable you.
So in a way, they are not the end, they are the beginning.
They are not the prize, they are the machine you have built that might help you get to it.

Now its up to you to keep turning that handle, keep powering that machine and get it humming.

The turn takes a long time, its not exciting or glamorous. Many people walk away before the turn has reached its full potential.

So buckle in

On Sunday, watch while SafeStack moves from Push to Jump. Then, as its a Sunday, we will all relax a little, mindful of the drop. On Monday and then for everyday after that ,we begin to turn the handle and get the new machine humming.

That’s where the magic lies.

So mind the drop… if you’re in it, you’re not done yet. Start turning.

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