Just start already

I hate the cliché of starting a writing project at the start of the year, not least of which because I am terrible at sticking with things I start during the holidays.

So I will start today, on a Thursday, just after 3pm.

I wanted to share why I was writing and what you can expect here. It’s been an odd sort of year for most of us, for many of us it has been challenging in heart wrenching ways that I cannot fathom.

Here in New Zealand though, sat watching the bees do their thing in the garden, this year feels different in some other – non COVID related ways. I’m not sure if COVID forced the situation or if this would have happened regardless but there seems little point in focusing on that debate. This year changed me.

I am ending this year different in a number of ways and with an unusually clear focus on what I need to do next.

  • This is the year I faced my anxiety and gave it a name. I got help and found that it had been impacting a huge amount of my life. The reduced anxiety let me feel bolder, to wonder – what if and give things a try.
  • This has been the year I stopped hoping the world would guess what I need and started asking. This isn’t a natural transition for me but allowing myself to ask for the help I need, even if the answer is no – massively increases the chance of me getting what I need to thrive. As a person who almost always helps others when asked, you’d think I would have been better at asking.

So why am I now writing?

Well 2021, is going to be a big challenge for me as a leader. After a really successful first 4 months of operations, SafeStack Academy is showing real promise and I am committing to doing what I need to do to make the most of this opportunity. This will mean bold choices, making myself vulnerable and doing another 50 things I’ve never done before. It will mean doing less consulting and security advice – my safe space and more leading, raising funds, product development and sales.

It will mean making tough decisions and laughing/crying as the mistakes come along for the ride.

Rather than lamenting what is or could be in vague posts. I want to share the realities of my world for the next year as I make this big push forward. I will share the ups and downs, the questions and what help I need.

I’m aiming to write once a week or when things are interesting. I’m not promising poetry but I hope you will find this authentic and honest.

Let’s help each other

If you are reading this, perhaps you will get some value from it, perhaps you won’t feel so alone doing your next adventure or perhaps you will spot a way to help me and SafeStack achieve our dreams and make security for everyone.

If you do read along and feel like you want to talk, share your story or offer help – please reach out. Life is short, none of us really know what we are doing so why don’t we connect and see if we can help each other out.


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